How to reset network settings without loosing data

I recently moved and got a new ISP. Their IP range is and my Zyxel  networking setting are to I cant access the drive to make changes. Tried unpairing and pairing in zyxcel cloud but it isn't recognized. Any thoughts?

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    How those devices are connected each other? What's the Zyxel device you have?

    Since the ISP router subnet is 1962.168.0.1/24, which is different from, your PC/laptop can't access the zyxel devices.
    1. You can first try to set fixed IP on your laptop with 192.168.1.X.
    2. And then directly connect it to your Zyxel device, so that you may access it
    3. On device GUI, change its IP to the same subnet used by ISP
    4. After finished settings, recover your PC/laptop's IP settings to the original state (before step1)

    Hope that helps you.

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