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Hi - I’ve had a pair of pla5456 and one of them has now failed. Could you tell me what other devices will be compatible with this ? As I am having difficulties getting a replacement pair and want to get something with which I can continue to also use the remaining unit.



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    In my memory PLA5456 is compatible to all other Zyxel PLA products except PLA6456(which is used different pairing protocol).
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    Is it backward compatible with older units?  Asking because it appears that I can't buy anything but the PLA6456 at the moment (nothing available via the retail channels).
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    Hello @cbz ,
    The PLA5456 is compatible to below models for your reference.

    As @GreenLight replied, the PLA5456 is compatible to all other Zyxel PLA products except PLA6456 because of using different standards.The PLA5456 uses 'HomePlug AV2' and 'IEEE 1901 HomePlug AV'; the PLA6456 uses technology.
    As demand for ultra-fast Internet speed increases, technology is becoming the best in-home electrical network connection. Up to two times faster than HomePlug AV2 technology. Zyxel PLA6456 with technology delivers maximum data transfer rate and stability for your home networking.
    Hope it's helpful. 

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