Clarification on Web Management vs Smart Management


A little background.

I am a home user and retired IT professional living in the UK.  My home network currently consists of about 100 clients - a mix of servers, desktop pcs, mobiles and IoT devices, a primary router and 3 APs together with 20 unmanaged switches from TP-Link and Netgear ranging in capacity from 4 to 16 ports.  The primary Asus router connects to a Virgin Media cable modem. 

After a recent network issue that took me a couple of days to track down, I would like to consolidate my switches to fewer managed devices.   The product descriptions for Zyxel managed switches seem to refer to either Web Management or Smart Management.  Is Web Management a legacy term?  I couldn't find anything on the Zyxel website, or through Google, to help me understand what, if anything, differentiates the two terms.  My needs probably don't extend to a unifying management platform, but simply to sweat my network a little better and to troubleshoot more efficiently.

Any help, advice or links to supporting smart/web management documentation to help inform my purchasing choices would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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