What are the settings that i need to change.

I brought the Zyxel VMG3625-T20A router and it successfully configured. Now it connected to the my mobile phone and as well as other family members' phones. also, it connected to the other 2 computers in my home.
But my problem is I have another laptop that running with windows 7 and that is not connecting to the wifi network. when I troubleshoot it through the windows troubleshooting wizard it says my computer hasn't valid IP configuration. thought I assign IP and other settings manually the problem is the same.
finally, I reinstalled the windows 7 cleanly and but my problem not resolved, but when I connect it through the ethernet then it works nicely, please let me know what are the settings that I need to change for correct operation.
thank you.

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    It looks like you can't connect the laptop with Windows 7 via WiFi correctly.
    Have you checked your wireless adapter on the laptop first? Can you use it to connect other wireless network?

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