How do I get my PLA 5405 v2 Homeplugs to talk to each other

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I recently purchased a set of PLA 5405 v2 adapters and they worked straight out of the box, allowing my iMac to have an Ethernet link to the Internet rather than using WiFi.  After discussions I decided to purchase a further 2 adapters to increase my network.  No matter how hard I try I cannot get the new adapters to join my network. I have followed the instructions in the User Manual.
I have downloaded the PLA configuration tool (which hasn't been updated since Windows 8) and it only shows the new adapter linked to the computer but it isn't connecting to anything on the network.
I am running Windows 10 (at its latest iteration) on a HP Pavilion laptop.  What have i to do to get these adapters to work?


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    Hi Paul G,
    Because the PLA5405v2 supports standby mode when there's no traffic on it, after it's in standby mode, it would not show on the configuration tool. The PLA5405v2 will be waked up when there's traffic on the ETHERNET port.
    Based on your description, I did a test for it and four PLA5405v2 were paired successfully and two of them could show on the utility before going to standby mode.

    Here's my steps for pairing these PLA5405v2 for your reference.
    1. Power on the PLA1 and connect the Ethernet port to a router, so it would not go to standby mode. To press the 'ENCRYPT' button and go to next step.
    2. Power on the PLA2 and press the 'ENCRYPT' button to let it pair with PLA1. The power LED started to flash and after few seconds, the 'Ethernet' LED is Green to show it's paired.
    3. Repeated step 2 for PLA3 and PLA4.
    You could check all of them on the configuration tool before they are in standby mode.
    If you still can't get the PLA5405v2 on the utility, you may try to use an extension cord to pair the all PLAs first and please make sure that they are in the same circuit when putting them to different locations.

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