The light of home plug never gets ON...

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Im from Mexico, but ill try to explain in English, Ive try connecting as the instructions say my PLA 4201 v2 in the room with no signal, but it doesn't work, the light of HOMEPLUG (the third light doesnt turn ON)


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    Hi @renatagard

    Here's the paired steps for your reference.
    1. To power on the 1st PLA4201v2 and the 2nd PLA4201v2. 
    2. Press the 'RESET/ENCRYPT' button on the 1st PLA4201v2 for 0.5-3 seconds and then press the same button on the 2nd PLA4201v2. The power LED (first LED) will start to flash and after few seconds, the HOMEPLUG LED (2nd LED) will be light to show that it's paired successful.
    If you can't pair the PLA4201v2, please make sure that they are in the same circuit or you can plug them on the same extension cord for pairing.

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