ISSUE: No uplink on HLA4205 MOCA bridge

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I use a HLA4205 to add Moca to my network for my Tivos. It's worked fine for 10 months, aside from 2 brief issues. This is the second time I've run into a problem where I get no uplink into the coax network. "Link uptime" shows 3 seconds when I browse to (the light on the far right is not lit) I'm suspecting that something else on my network wants that same IP address, despite me adding a DHCP reservation for that IP in my router's admin config and pushing all other devices between and I need some help as to how to proceed. There are ZERO KB articles for this moca bridge anywhere on Zyxel's site. Ideally I'd like to be able to have the bridge pull a dynamic IP address from my router's DHCP server, but there's no admin mechanism for the device. I'm ready to throw this thing in the trash.

Looks like someone else is having a similar issue.

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