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Upgraded firmware from 3.10(AAAA.1) to 4.30(AAAA.0). When I go to ping a NetBIOS name from LAN1_SUBNET to another computer on LAN1_SUBNET, the Zywall is resolving the name to a dead address. 

ping john
"Pinging john.ZyXEL-USG [] with 32 bytes"

Any ideas what I need to change to get the Zywall to recognize computer names and serve addresses correctly?


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    Hello Adam,
    For this case,
    according to windows mechanism, since the both PCs are in the same subnet, the ping traffic will not flow into gateway.(PCs will  communicate with each other directly) Therefore, USG will not control the communication between both of PCs. If ping is not working, please make sure the firewall of PC are turned off.
    Moreover, I would like to know the topology of this scenario for check further.

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