PLA5236 not working when additional PLA5256 is plugged in

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Hello, I've a weird issue with PLA5236.

At the moment my network consists in:

- PLA5256 connected to my modem through ethernet cable
- PLA5236 as wifi extender, that always worked well.

Now I added a second PLA5256 connected to an access point, so that i can further expand my network on the second floor.

My issue is: as soon as i connect my second PLA5256+acess point, the PLA5236 internet stops working. The wifi signal is ok, but when I connect to the network I see ' Connected, no internet' on my laptop, while if i connect an ethernet cable to the PLA5236 internet works. If I then unplug the additional PLA5256+ access point, internet starts working again also on wifi mode. It seems like this new addition to the network is generating the issue, but i don't understand why.

Anyone has any tips on what can trigger this issue?



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    I got the same problem as yours, however, it seems no problem when I paired the PLA5256 first and then paired PLA5236. Here are steps for your reference.
    1. unplug the PLA5236
    2. Press RESET/ENCRYPT button until the HOMEPLUG LED become red to set the PLA5256 to factory default.
    3. Press RESET/ENCRYPT button 0.5 to 3 seconds on both PLA5236 to pair PLA.
    4. Plug the PLA5236 and Press RESET/ENCRYPT 0.5 to 3 seconds on the PLA5256 which connected on the router, and then Press RESET/ENCRYPT 0.5 to 3 seconds on the PLA5236 to pair the PLA.

    Hope it's helpful.

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