Pairing PLA5206 to PLA5456

Tom Linde
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I have 4 PLA5456 adapters currently working fine.
I'm trying to add 2 PLA5206 to my setup and can't get the 5206 to pair.
Tried reset button with no success.
Tried putting 1 5206 and 1 5456 on same extension cord and using reset button , still doesn't pair.
Anything else I can try  ?
I tried installing PLA Configuration tools software on Windows 10, that wouldn't even run.


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    ENDLESS Posts: 56  Ally Member
    I used a PLA5206 and PLA5456 to do paring and it's successful, however, I didn't do it successful at the beginning because my PLA5206 is in standby mode and flashing the power LED every slowly. You can try again by following steps:
    1. Reset both PLA5206 and PLA5456 to default.
    2. Connect the traffic on both PLA5206 and PLA5456
    3. Press the 'RESET/ENCRYPT' button on PLA5456 about 2 seconds, and the power LED will start flashing.
    4. Press the 'RESET/ENCRYPT' button on PLA5206 about 2 seconds, and the power LED will start flashing.
    5. They can pair successfully. 
    I also use Windows 10 to enable the PLA configuration tool and it took more time to activate, so if you installed it, you can wait for more time or check if it's activate via the Task Manager of Windows.
    Hope it's helpful.

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