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Totally new to the forum and looking for some set up help.

Recently purchased the VMG1312 as a replacement for a Vigor130 which was a nightmare in bridge mode, constantly dropping out, and this Zyxel had some good reviews.  Anyway the modem has an address of and this is exactly the same IP address as our UniFi security gateway.  We want the modem to be set up in bridge mode with the PPPOE details for our ISP.  We can’t seem to be able to change the IP address successfully as it keeps reverting back to factory address preventing us to log into the usg to input the PPPOE details.  Currently in limbo not able to connect the modem to the usg.  I’ve done lots of searching but clearly not using the correct terminology as I can’t find a solution.

Anyone know how I can change the IP address correctly, allowing me to then set this modem up in bridge mode to the usg?

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    What is the full model name of your VMG1312? What firmware are you using now?

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