How to access the NBG6616 after it's changed to AP mode?

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Here's the change procedures from reset the NBG6616 to factory default to access it in AP mode. Please refer to below steps.
1. Press the RESET button on the AP more than 5 seconds to set the NBG6616 back to factory default. After reset to default, please connect the WAN port (the blue port) to the modem/router which can access the Internet, and connect the NB/PC to LAN port (the yellow ports).
2. After the NBG6616 reset to factory default, it would be in router mode and default IP is If the NBG6616 WAN port gets an IP 192.168.1.x from the router/DHCP server, the NBG6616 will change its LAN IP to as below.

3. Connect a NB/PC on the NBG6616 LAN port to get a IP with 10.0.0.x and you can access the NBG6616 (IP via this NB/PC.
4. After log into the NBG6616, the GUI shows easy mode and you can select to Expert Mode.

5. Go to Maintenance> Sys OP Mode to change the Configuration Mode to Access Point Mode. When you click 'Access Point Mode', there's a warning message pop-up and after you check it without problem, click OK and Apply the change.

6. The system will restart after countdown.
7. Go to GUI via a browser to access the NBG6616 and then you can modify the configuration of it. If you can't access the GUI, please try to use the incognito mode of the browser or clean the cache.

If the IP of the WAN port is not 192.168.1.x/24, the default IP of NBG6616 will be in router mode, and you can access it after the NB gets the IP from NBG6616. However, the LAN DHCP server will be disabled in AP mode as the warning message, so after you changed the NBG6616 to AP mode, the NB/PC should get the IP from the router/modem and not 192.168.1.x anymore. Please modify the IP of the NB/PC as below to get the same subnet of the NBG6616 and then you can access it by



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