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Good afternoon,

I have written my firs discussion but after editting it twice (writing mistakes) there has appeared a meassage saying that it had to be reviewed. In any case, at my user area says that I have not started any discussion. Should I write it again or will it appear later?

Thank you!


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    As you may have noticed by now the moderation on this forum isn't perfect. Yet it exists, I have reported several spam posts last months, and after some time they disappeared.

    Did your discussion contain hyperlinks? I think the spam bot is reacting on that, especially with new members. So if you want repost it without hyperlinks.
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    Dear Sir,

    The system may detect your post as a Spam, and block your post in our system.
    We will check the spam box, and release the Not Spam post from our system.

    Best Regards,

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