Issue with Wireless connectivity on PLA5236

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I received a PLA5236 four days ago bought and all was fine the first day but the day after it required to upgrade to the last firmware release V1.00(ABFB.4)C0.

Since the firmware upgrade the wireless connectivity is not working anymore: we can connect during the first 5 minutes after the PLA5236 startup and then it is impossible and display on the device (both phone or laptop) that the WPA2-PSK password is not good. This occurs on both 2.4 and 5GHz

I reset it to factory default, re-apply the firmware, put the channel in manual, back to auto and the issue remains. I can connect during the first few minutes only after a startup or after I update the configuration.

I checked on Zyxel website if I could find a previous version of the firmware to downgrade and know if this can fix the issue but previous firmware release are not available.

Anyone has an idea?


Update: Did some additional testing and the issue occurs only when using WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK. In "No Security" I can successfully access the wireless network.



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    What's the behavior when the wireless issue happened? Is the client/station disconnected from the AP or it can connect on AP but there's no Internet? I am using the WPA2-PSK and it's no problem for connection, so did you change the password of the SSID to test if it's workable?

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