What NBG6604 setting blocks Google Play Store?


I have 1 year old router Zyxel NBG6604. My Android Phone (Xiao Mi A2) can use WLAN for surfing etc but it cannot download any new apps from Google Play Store nor any update either.

Then I borrowed another router Zyxel VMG3625-T20A. With it my phone can now use WLAN also for Google Play Store downloads and updates quite normally.

It clearly looks as though some router setting blocks Google Play Store with Zyxel NBG6604 but what that is? Both routers were factory-clean, the only thing I have done is to set up SSID and Key for WLAN.

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    ENDLESS Posts: 56  Ally Member
    I did a test by an Android phone with version Android 10, and the issue didn't happen in my test. I set my router as yours to the factory default but changed the SSID and password. I also noted that the firewall rule is empty when it's default, so there should be nothing to block the Google play store in default. Did you set any firewall rule or other settings?

  • lodiabai
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    Hi @JoeJ ,
    What device connected on the WAN port of the NBG6604? Did you try the other devices, like laptop or other Android phones?

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