VMG4005-B xdslctl select second bonding line

Leo B
Leo B Posts: 2  Freshman Member
I'd like to obtain the xdsl statistics for the second line using the cli.
The web interface allows to select for Line 0 and Line 1 but I couldn't figure out how to select a line using the cli. The xdslctl usage help page doesn't show an option to select a line.

Is there a CLI reference for the VMG4005-B series?


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  • Hikari
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    Hi Leo B
    Since users can check from GUI DSL Diagnostic page, so FW did not preserve too much info for admin account in CLI mode. This is our current design.
  • Leo B
    Leo B Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    edited June 2020
    I need to automatically collect statistics values for monitoring and visualization. So unfortunately the web-interface is not a good option.
    Is there any way to obtain the statistics in a scriptable way? (SSH, SNMP etc.)
    How do ISPs do this job?

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