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I have 2X  PLA4201 500mpbs mini Ethernet Adapters in my house. No matter how I try to wire in my router only recognizes the speed at 100mbps. I have checked all cables and can get 1000mbps when using with my pc. The devices are plugged in next to each other 10 ft from the router

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  • Wiasouda
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    The 500Mbps should be the power line data transfer rate but not the physical port supported. The physical port is only supported to 100Mbps, so the result you tested seems the limit of the port.
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    I found the advertising behind this device to be questionable, at best.

    The device list listed as a 500Mbps device, and the spec sheet
    does indeed list 500Mbps as the PHY link speed.  But, that is the speed
    between the two PLA4201 units themselves -- not the speed between
    your computer, and the PLA4201.

    The ethernet port on the PLA4201 itself is only 100Mbps,
    so the most throughput you'd ever get, even under perfect conditions
    should be the 100Mbps ethernet speed.


    (I have two PLA-6456 units, and get about 550-600Mbps on average,
     under what I would consider "good" powerline conditions.  Of course,
     they have gigabit ethernet ports on them. . .)

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