NBG6615 changes the channel every few hours, ignores it as I assign it in the settings.

Sergey Kofanov
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I use the router on 5 GHz band. It is good and makes good distance, but I faced one really bad problem. The router can't keep the channel. Even if I assign the channel explicitly, it still works like in "Auto" mode.

After I installed and set up the router, I checked for and found the best channel that got least interference and made strong signal in my computer, and I selected the channel in the router's network settings. The router kept to it for a while but soon jumped to a random channel so I started to have bad connection. I restarted the router, which made it settle back to my channel, but it later moved away anyway. It happens all the time no matter what I tried. I tried different set-up/restart sequences and installed all the updates. It didn't help. 

Is there anything I can do to force the router keep the channel that I assigned?

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    Which channel did you set up?

    If the channel is within channel52 to channel144, AP will switch its channel after detecting other RADAR signal (which has higher priority in transmission). So if the above assumption is true, it's inevitable for channel changing.
    (you can search for DFS channel for detail information)

    However, there are still other ways to improve your wireless performance, such as set the channel width into 40/20 MHz, which can reduce the chance of getting interference.

    Besides, I think you can just set the channel "auto", for wireless environment is always changing and we need AP to check the best channel periodically.

    Share my opinions with you, hope those could help :)
  • Sergey Kofanov
    Sergey Kofanov Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Thank you for responding my question. I used 20 and 40 MHz bandwidth and got the same problem with both.

    "Besides, I think you can just set the channel 'auto', for wireless environment is always changing and we need AP to check the best channel periodically."

    - The channel the router picks by itself isn't good. It sets to either 48 or 136 most of the time. 48 is occupied by our neighbour, so it's bad on the receiving end, and 136 provides very slow transfer speed for some reason, maybe because of interference from a different kind of equipment, which we got plenty on the masts on the nearby hill. Apparently the router only tests the environment on its own end, but it can't see what is going on on the opposite side of the house in a different room. I walked around with a WiFi Monitor app and found the best channel was 112, so everything is perfect while the router keeps to it. But it only keeps it for a few hours then switches away. It is very annoying because I need to get to the router admin page and switch the channel back every time I start working with my PC.

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