Concurrent WAN on XMG3927-B50A?

On my old router (VMG8924) there were settings to enable con-current wan along with port selection, but I can't find any similar settings on my new XMG3927-B50A. I need this enabled on port 1 to view BTTV streaming services here in the UK, anyone know what needs to be done?

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    I check the user guide of XMG3927-B50A but I can't find anything about concurrent WAN.
    Are you sure this product supports the feature?
    By the way, can you describe more about what you intend to do? At least, It's not clear for me according to your description. If you want to connect to one of the LAN port to stream BTTV streaming streaming services, maybe what you should do is to create a new WAN interface and use Interface Grouping to bind them together?

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