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This extender is connected to a VMG 8924. The extender is classed by Zyxel as 'end of life'. Do you think it is still 'safe' to keep using it?


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    I'm using two WRE2205s in my house, and it works pretty well and so far there is no issue occurred.
    In my point of view, the end of life means that Zyxel stop developing new firmware/function for this product. But the product is still regarded secure when it's in mainstream model list. So I'd say it's safe enough for my home network. 
    And since the WRE is connecting to VMG that supports firewall function, I'd like to set some rules on it if I want to further managed/control my home network. (Such as IP/MAC Binding, allow specific IP traffic pass through...)

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    I guess that WRE2205 might be secure enough, but a WiFi access point is a way into your home local area network (LAN) that bypasses the firewall in the VMG8924 or any router to which the access point is connected.

    It does not seem like the VMG firewall checks any traffic LAN to LAN, but it only LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN.

    So the WRE2205 could still be a way into your home LAN for bad guys who are war-driving around your neighbourhood.

    If you have a WRE2205 v2 then there is some firmware dated 2017 available in ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/WRE2205_v2/firmware/

    You could still be exposed to wardriving risk of people in your neighbourhood, and having the latest available firmware installed could be a good idea.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021.


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