How do I get warranty replacement from Zyxel?

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I have one PLA5456 module that's faulty - it won't detect a sync signal from any neighbouring PLA modules of the same model.  I already hard-reset it, and I can see it via the Zyxel software while directly connected to Ethernet on a computer, but the PowerLine sync light won't come on.  I've already confirmed that it isn't my wall socket because I can plug another module into the same exact same socket and it connects to other PLA's of the same type.  I also have a second PLA5456 module that has an Ethernet port that's dead.  The other port works fine, but the faulty one won't detect anything connected to it (LAN light won't turn on with anything connected to it).  No pins in the port are bent either.  It also needs to be replaced.  Both faulty modules are less than a year old.  All of the modules that I have are updated to the latest firmware version available as of about a week ago.

I can't return it to my reseller because it's over 30 days and they only have a 30 days return policy.  How do I get warranty replacement for this?  I tried contacting Zyxel with the regular contact form for tech support on the main page of the website and got absolutely no response more than a week later.


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    Dear Sir,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    We have contacted you via private message, please check your message box for further assistance.

    Best Regards,

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