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Hello everyone,
I have a ZyXEL VMG1312-T20B router and I'm looking for the update bin file for this device. Current firmware version is V5.30(ABlH.0).b3
I bought this device from an online retailer and I believe it's stock and not isp branded.
Thank you

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    Hi buddy, looking for the same did you get any yet on this?

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  • AliBN21
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    Hi there
    Not yet unfortunately. But I found someone on YouTube who has the same device but with a newer and more modern settings interface. That's why I still have high hopes.
    Here is the link:
    If I find something I will definitely share it here.
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    Hello @AliBN21
    The person in the YouTube video you linked to is speaking and writing in Turkish.

    If you look at posted 1 year ago then you will see at the bottom of that Zyxel Turkey support page a 10MB bin file.

    Running the web page through Google Translate it comes out as:
    "V530ABII1E0 Firmware is applicable software for products sold in Extranet Campaigns. Do not try to load different models of products.

    You can get help from the document in the link below to update the software.İ-Modemlarda-Yazılım-Güncelleme

    Important Notice: When installing the firmware software, connect with the computer via Ethernet (LAN) interface. If you update software over the wireless connection; Your transaction may be interrupted due to external interactions and the instant break that may occur due to this. Your access to the modem may be cut and the device may become unusable. After the firmware upgrade is completed, it is recommended that you reset your modem in order for the new software to work actively on your device.

    After the reset, you can get help from the document below for modem setup settings.

    You can download the software by clicking the link below."

    I have not tried this software or process, and it might not work in your router, and the firmware version number is a different release version to the one shown in the YouTube video.

    So it will be at your own risk about whether it works on not.

    I am not saying that it will work, and I do not work for Zyxel.

    But if your device is working ok, then you could leave it as is.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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