VMG8825-T50 USB shows 2097151 MB capacity

Lemodile Posts: 2  Freshman Member
I'm having some trouble setting up USB file sharing properly.. I have an external 4TB hard drive, which supports usb 3.0. In windows this partition shows up as follows:

In the Zyxel control panel however, the capacity is limited to 2097151 MB! Some searching tells me this is a common problem but none of the causes listed online seem to match my situation.

I've ruled out:
  • MBR - The disk I want to use shows up as GPT on disk management
  • Partition size limits - In windows it works fine as shown above
Has anyone run into similar problems? Any tips? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance and kind regards from the Netherlands.

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  • Hummel
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    From your description, it seems the it only shows max 2TB.
    Have you tried it with a smaller hard drive like 1TB and see if it shows correct size?
  • Lemodile
    Lemodile Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Hi @Hummel ,

    Thanks for your reply. I have previously used a 4GB usb drive which showed up correctly.

    I will try today to actually fill up 4TB (somehow) and see if all files show up anyway. I doubt it though.

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