I do not find my router model in website

I have a Zyxel device its model number is "DEL1312-T10B", it is written on the device and in the configuration interface. But I do not found this model in Zyxel website. Instead, I find only "AMG1312-T10B". What is the problem? Is this AMG router the same as my DEL one? I want to update my router firmware and I am afraid the frimware I download is not compatible with my device. Please help me. Thank you

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    Can you see the current version of the firmware? All ZyXEL firmwares have a hardware tag in the name. For the AMG1312-T10B that is AAFP. If your current firmware has that tag, it should be compatible. (And I *think* the router will refuse to flash it if it isn't compatible, but don't count on that)

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