Troubleshooting Powerline with no lit in power on Led (PLA4211)

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Hi everyone
I hope sombody have some input due to I resent setup my old PLA4211 running from router to my garage (Utility software ver.  & My PC runs Windows 10 pro, 64bit).
It worked fine with ping 10ms Dowload 80-95MBps upload was also quite good 30-35MBps.
Normaly I have a connecton aprox 165MBps/35Mps.

Just to stresstest I added a good 1,5mm2 thick, in lenth 45 m exntension cable and was able to repeat above result Up/down approx 95MBps/34MBps.....;-)
Up to now it have been working fine but when I connect my laptop today in my garage I only hear a small oscillating click approx 5-10 clicks pr secundand there is no lit on the power On led
I know the power is ok due to my labtop is running through the powerline
No power light form Power LED.

The transmitter connected to my router is OK with light in both Power led and Network led, but the middle Home led do not lit due to no reciever found.

Please give me some input and let me know if uou have any good idears
Regards CBangs


  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @CBangs ,
    As your description, we'd like to check that if the PLA4211 can work without problem but only the power LED issue because you mentioned that your laptop is running though the powerline?
    Otherwise, if the PLA4211 has the paired issue, would you re-pair it again via the same extension power cord.
    If it's not working after you repair again, or only LED issue, please RMA the device to us by applying the form in below link.

  • CBangs
    CBangs Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Hi ZyXel_Freda

    Thanks for responding so fast...;-)

    If it only was the lit not litting up, I agree i proberbly could live with that, but that is not the case.

    I have no internet connection through the PLA4211, no lit in PowerOn led,, No lit in Home Led and no lit in Network led, I can hear some small cliking noise PLA4211 and I'm able to charge my laptop through tne PLA4211 240 Vac outlet.....;-)
    And finealy  no device apear on Zyxel Utility Software
    I have filled out the RMA-form in link above.

    If you have some guide or to fix this issue it would be great

    Regards Carsten

  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi Carsten,
    Thanks for your update and applying the RMA-form.
    May I know that did you reset the PLA4211 and repaired them before you applied the RMA form? If it couldn't be fixed by repairing or rebooting, it might be a hardware issue, so we would need to check detail of the your device.

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