Help Flashing PFSense on ZyXel ZyWALL USG-50

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Does anyone have experience flashing an old ZyXel ZyWALL USG-50 router/firewall appliance with PFSense (or even some other opensource router/firewall system like OPNSense, DD-WRT, etc)? I can't figure out how to get the ZyWALL to boot from USB.

  • Router is reset to factory settings and updated to the latest ZyXel firmware

  • I have CLI console access over the serial port

  • I've tried a USB stick flashed with the PFSense ISO and another one with the serial Memstick installer.

  • I just can't find options on the ZyWALL to make it boot from USB.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to install PFSense over LAN or over serial connection instead?

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    Do you have a reason to think PFSense can run on that firewall? According to the Download Page only amd64 and 'Netgate ADI' are supported.
    Here is claimed that an USG 60 runs a dualcore MIPS. Don't know how the relation between an USG 50 and 60 is. MIPS is not on the download list.

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