Can't change IP address on WAP3205 v3

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I just bought a WAP3205 v3 and have been playing around with its configurations. The default IP assignment of is a nuisance for me, since I already have a router that is using that address.

I tried changing the IP address in the Web Configurator by going to Network --> LAN and typing in a different address. I used, which is not currently in use on my network. I clicked on the Apply button, and the WAP3205 rebooted. It redirected my Web browser to the new IP address, but there was no device at that address. Indeed the WAP3205 still thinks its address is, and I can log in to it at that address to verify that no address change actually took place.

What am I doing wrong? This seems like such a simple thing to do that it's hard to believe there is a bug in the WAP3205 software. But it's also simple enough that I don't see where I could have gone wrong. But obviously something isn't working right. 

Any suggestions?



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    Did you upgrade the firmware to the latest?
    Mine is working fine, I even change it to 192.168.212.XX. Min is on AP mode.
    Which operation mode do you use?
    Have you tried to reset it and set the IP again?
  • PrCh.arles
    I also have this problem.  Firmware is up to date: ZYXEL_Firmware_WAP3205 v3_V2.00(ABDM.4) is the current downloadable file and my WAP3205v3 shows this status V2.00(ABDM.4)C0 for the firmware, so I conclude it is up to date.  I have had this box for several years and have reset it several times and after every reset it is still not possible to change the IP address.  However, in my case it does not clash with other items on my network, so I get by.  But I would prefer it to have an address closer to other WAPs on my system.  Thanks.
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    You can go to Lan settings and change the IP there.

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