What are the main differences between GS-105B and GS-105S Gigabit switch?

I have looked at those two specs and could not figure out the differences between both of them.
I can only find out that one is "Media Switch" another is "Unmanaged Switch".
Someone, please explain it to me.

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  • Zyxel_Derrick
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    Hi @ice160

    The difference between GS-105B and GS-105S is chassis
    GS-105B is metal chassis and GS-105S is plastic chassis

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  • gnj42
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    I believe the most important difference between GS-105B and GS-105S is support of IGMP snooping, which is very helpful if not crucial when wanting IPTV and other streaming media to work smoothly along with the other network connected devices. The 105S offers this support; 105B does not.

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