TV does not connect to WRE2206

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Hey, I bought WRE2206 wifi repeater with the sole purpose of being able to watch Netflix downstairs. With the initial testing the repeater seemed to do great job - phone was getting great signal compared to without. Ran some speed tests with phone and was happy with the results. 

However, for some reason my Sony Bravia television complains not having internet access if the WRE2206 repeater is plugged in. Once unplugged, television can connect to internet, but the signal strength is poor.

The television gets stuck at a point where it is trying to retrieve IP.

WRE2206 seems to have very minimal settings. What can I do?


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    I have exactly same experience, TV is Samsung. Need to buy D-Link, Linksys or Netgear and return this Zyxel
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    Hello @peterpants and @Juza

    There is a user guide for WRE2206 available at and probably using WPS might help your Sony Bravia TV connect to the WRE2206.

    I have a couple of Sony Bravia TV and have used them for over a year through a WiFi Extender, in my personal case a TP-Link RE300, so I think that it should be possible to make it work with the WRE2206.

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