Power supply for CenturyLink ZyXEL C3000Z Modem?

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Does anyone have specs or an Amazon link to a compatible power adapter/cord for this modem?  I live in the mountains, and lightning strikes keep taking out the power supply (but the modem is fine).  Hoping I can just replace the power supply instead of going through the hassle of CenturyLink "customer service"

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    The power supply seems to be a commonly available unit.
    The most popular model number for the power supply is one
    made by UMEC (Universal Micro Electronics). . .

    Model UP0251M-12PA

    That is a 12 volt, 2A supply, with a center-positive terminal.

    I was unable to find any comments online to indicate
    what size the coaxial power connector is, nor could I find
    any spec sheets or further descriptions of the adapter itself,
    even on the manufacturer's website.

    In any event, both the part number above,
    and generic versions of the C3000Z power supplies
    are all over ebay and Amazon.  At least with US-type plugs.

    Pick up two. . .they're cheap.  ;-)

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