New C3000Z Modem "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

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Got error message one day after installing new C3000Z modem received with upgraded CenturyLink DSL service 60Mbps. Did not get error messages with previous C1100Z modem on 25Mbps service.

Ran Windows 10 network troubleshooter and it 'reset' the ethernet adapter to clear the error.

After receiving error again a couple of days later: Went into device manager and searched for and installed new driver available for Intel Ethernet I218-V Adapter.

Got error message again a few days later and tried a laundry list of troubleshooting steps listed on the web - now getting error message 1-2x per day and clearing it with troubleshooter.

What am I missing here - could this be a problem with some setting in the modem? How can I troubleshoot settings or bad ports on this modem?

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