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Hello, I have a VMG3625-T50B, I have configured VDLS2 using PPPOE and IPTV interfaces. IGMP Proxy is enable on the IPTV interfaces. I have my IP addresses for both VDLS and IPTV interfaces. Everything just seems fine.

But when I start watching IPTV, channel freezes after 3-5 minutes. When I change the channel, IPTV works very well.
 ISP tech guys came and tried their stock router. IPTV worked without any problem. They offered me to change my router with their stock one. I did not accept it.

What might be the problem. How should I move forward? 

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  • Hummel
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    Is the stock one also VMG3625-T50B?
    If yes, is the firmware version the same?
    Normally, channel freezes is related to IGMP issue. If you are able to capture the WAN side packets, you can check if there are IGMP packets sent from the CPE when you start watching IPTV.
  • ilhami
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    Hi @Hummel
    Stock one is not VMG3625-T50B.

    Yes, I am also 100% sure that it is completely IGMP related issue.
    However, web interface just allow me to enable/disable IGMP Proxy option that's all.

    Today, I changed VMG3625-T50B with a ASUS DSL-N16 from my office.
    It just worked!

    Here are the differences:
    1. Wizard detected that I use TurkTelekom ISP and offered me options for IPTV's version whilist VMG3625 offered me nothing. But Turkish Zyxel states that router is 100% compatible with TurkTelekom.
    2. I did the exact configuration with phone support. Nothing helped.

    So, this is a bug from Zyxel's side. I think quality department should focus on the problem.
    In Turkey, no one cares. So, changed the router from the place where I do not use IPTV.
    I am writing this to be indexed in google.
    VMG3625 does not support tivibu IPTV in Turkey. 
  • Hummel
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    For IGMP issue, in my experience, it would be easy to understand what happens if we can capture both WAN side and LAN side packets.
    But I doubt that you are able to get the support to capture WAN side packets from your ISP.
    In my point of view, without the WAN side and LAN side packets, it is really hard to tell what causes the problem.
  • alpere
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    I am having the same issue, any solutions identified?
  • SEJ
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    It seems the IGMP query response from the router was not received by the IPTV server.
    Then IGMP proxy stop the IPTV stream.
    If you make sure the router's firmware is the latest one, and the issue still happen.
    It might need to check if the router indeed sends out the IGMP response or any node in the connection drop the response.
  • Pete871
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    Sometimes it's not always your router or internet it can be the iptv provider servers I don't get this issue as I use a good iptv provider called Strong IPTV but before them, I had these issues the best thing to do is also test your IPTV on an android/iPhone iptv app and see if you get the issue on the app to rule it out being device if you do then its most likely a iptv supplier issue and you will need to look at testing other providers.
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  • akadomasyon26

    I have the same problem. I do not configure IPTV as described on the Zyxel website on the Zyxel DX3301 -T0 model. But the broadcast stops by itself, when I change the channel it gets better and after 10 minutes the same thing happens again. I would be very happy if you could help me solve this problem. I updated the software to the latest version.

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