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Hi All,

I'm experiencing this issue with few months old Zyxel LTE7460 that the router loses connectivity and tells me "No SIM error" in the WebUI. Issue is fixed after multiple reboots, but then it might work only for few minutes and crash again.

Router is in Bridge mode and behind it I have an Asus router handling the routing business.

Weird things I've noted during these crashes:
  • Sometimes the whole router becomes unresponsive and I cannot access even the WebUI. It also doesn't respond to ping during those cases.
  • These problems usually occur during 12-17.00 local time. Due to the COVID, I'm working remotely and all the issues come up during "office hours".. In the evening, things usually work without any problems.
  • When the connectivity goes down, the system also cuts SSH connection (broken pipe). I used SSH to try to see what is going on in the machine during the connectivity loss.
  • The WebUI system logs are not working at all. The whole page is waste of time as there is no logs updating to the UI..

What I've done:
  • The device is running the latest firmware: V1.00(ABFR.4)C0
  • Tried to dig through logs with SSH to the device. According to the bootlog, the syslog-ng service is not even starting during boot because of bad configuration:
Fri Oct 16 09:47:24 2020: Error parsing config, syntax error, unexpected LL_ERRO
R, expecting $end in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf at line 76, column 1:
Fri Oct 16 09:47:24 2020: 
Fri Oct 16 09:47:24 2020: # Some `catch-all' logfiles.
Fri Oct 16 09:47:24 2020:        ^
Nice production config.. I've fixed that and restarted syslog-ng, but still could not get any logs to generated. Also, the syslog-ng.conf in there is not persistent and it gets overwritten on each boot. Can't find where to modify the persistent config.

Anycase the whole /var/log is pretty useless as there is basically nothing and I cannot find any other logs. So if someone could even tell me where to search for? 

I've seen few posts regarding this issue, but there has been no real answers on how to fix it or whether this is an ISP issue and the router just can't handle it?


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    Ok, found some logs under /tmp/ ..

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