Unable to reconfigure WAP 3205 v3 after it was put in client mode

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I have been using WAP 3205 v3 in client mode for some time. But now it has been moved to a location with a different wifi network, so I need to reconfigure it to use the new wifi (I still want it to be in client mode).

Problem is I am unable to log into the 3205. I tried resetting it, so I could start configuration all over. But any time I try connect to it over LAN, the computer I connect don't get an IP, and hence is unable to connect to the 3205 to reconfigure it. I've also tried to set a manual IP address on the computer of, and some others to see if you I'm able to connect then, but no luck. There is also a wifi called ZyXEL WAP3205 v3, which I was able to connect to, but I got no IP there either.

I tried moving it back to the old wifi net it was on, but it won't connect to it any longer (probably since I did a reset), so no more luck connecting to the 3205 there.

I've also tried the hard 30-30-30 reset, but even that makes no difference.

Anyone have any tips how I can manage to connect to it so I can configure it?


  • Hill
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    As I know, that device has a default IP as, and it doesn't support DHCP server, so you will have to set a static IP on your PC, and access to its web interface by
  • arneh
    arneh Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Ok, thanks for your reply. I did try configuring a static IP ( on my PC connecting via LAN to the 3205. But trying it neither replies on http nor to ping.

    But I will give it some more tries with static IP, and see if I can find some other address which replies.
  • ectu
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    I have exactly the same situation. Were you able to solve the problem?
  • Podo
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    Reset your WAP3205v3 to factory defaults then set your PC's IP address to
    Connect PC's ethernet cable to LAN1.
    Then you should access WAP3205v3 Web interface via