on C3000Z, how do I block websites?

I just switched over to Centurylink Fiber Gigabit, with the C3000Z modem. On the gui, there is no way that I can see to provide rules to block certain URLs (i.e. porn) from my kids.  And I really looked! The online documentation talks about options that do not exist in my GUI.

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  • tryingC3000Z
    Go to Cyber Security under Advanced Setup,
    Disable it permantly,
    Then go to Blocking and Filter under Go to Advanced Setup,
    Entier the IP address and website you want to block.

  • Dan94
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    Unfortunately, this is not possible. On any modem/router using what CenturyLink dubs a "secure WiFi" router the options for blocking will always not be available and turning of Cyber Security will not change that. You are required to download CenturyLink's app where you can add devices to groups and then block only "categories" of content NOT specific URLs. I'd loved to be proved wrong on this, but as far as I can tell, this is the case.

    P.S. The category blocking is atrociously bad, so I'm looking into getting a separate router just so I can block content in my home.

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