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Paolo G.
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Hi, I have set the print server (port 631) in my modem zxyel VMG8825-T50K but after configuring the printer in my PC, there is no connection. I have checked the port 631 (ipp) with a scanner and it is filtered. I do not understand how to unlock that port in order to get the printer available throw the wifi network.

Same issue when I set the media server. 

Is there any further configuration to do ? Is a firmware bug for such a model (
VMG8825-T50K) ? 


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  • Hummel
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    How do you configure it on VMG8825-T50K?
  • Paolo G.
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    in the USB service, set print server ON ( . I have also tried to config NAT port forwarding with 631 port but it is not working
  • Hummel
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    I check the UG of VMG8825-T50K but I don't find anything about printer in USB service chapter. Can you take a screenshot of your settings?
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    even if the thread is old a bit I unfortunately have the same issue of @Paolo G..

    It seems it is all right but after a document is sent to the printer nothing happens. I can see the document in the printer's queue, The printer is up and running. The issue inevitably happens at communication level because if I directly connect the printer to the PC everything is fine.
    I don't know if I have to enable/allow 631 port from somewhere on modem or Win10 or I have to do something else because no documentation I found on this regards.

    Communication scenario:
    - Zyxel modem: DX5401
    - Printer connected to the modem by USB port
    - PC connected to the modem by Wifi Ntw (2.4/5.0 GHz doesn't matter). Alternatively PC directly connected to the modem by LAN port (it doesn't work anyway)
    - Printer server enabled on modem settings (see screenshot)
    - Printer configured on Win 10 with recommended configuration settings (see screenshot)

    Please put me in the right direction in order to solve the issue.

  • alanjenney
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    Claudio, your printer port name needs to include the full URL, so instead of just, you need to have the /printers/printer bit as well, and installed as an Internet Port (to support Internet Printing Protocol), not a Standard TCP/IP Port.  The full URL identifies the USB CUPS printer server on your router.

    It actually says to do this on the Print Server page that you have provided a screenshot of.

  • The way to do this in Windows is to

    * Add a Printer (when it appears, click "the printer that I want is not listed"), then
    * Click "Select a shared printer by name" and enter the full URL ("") but do not click Browse, push the Next button.
    * Install the device driver ++, etc.

    If you click 'Manage' for the Printer after this, you should see that the Port Name is given as the full URL and the Description is "Internet Port" rather than "Standard TCP/IP Port".  This confirms that it is using IPP instead of RAW.

    ++ (one way to ensure that the device driver is available is to temporarily connect the printer to USB and let Windows get the right driver and install it)
  • Hi alanjenney,

    I've already done what you suggest. Probably the same thing has been done by the other user who opened this thread. Please read the first post of this thread to understand the issue we have!

    The problem is that the printer is not reachable, regardless of the fact that the PC is connected to the modem by one of the LAN ports of the modem itself or by WiFi (I'm sorry for not having the error msg image below in the same language which I'm writing with but I'm not a native english guy).

    How can I make the printer reachable? Probably, in other words, how can I enable the 631 port on the modem router?

    Thanks and Regards 

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