How do I manage the XGS1930-28HP

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Hello there,

I've got myself into a bit of a situation which I will explain here in short: About 2 years ago we purchased a Zyxel XGS1930-28HP for home use. We didn't really need it until a few days ago, when we were actually installing and using all the ethernet ports that are placed in our house (about 22 of them, of which 3 need POE). The problem now is that I can't seem to find any documentation that helps me with my problem; how do I manage the device?! I have found documents and guides and what not, but none offer a viable solution, since I can't download the ZON Utility for some reason..

There's a cable going from our modem to the switch (port 1), which then supplies all of the other ports with an internet connection. Great! BUT! I can't seem to get any port to provide power (POE) also I can't seem to even find the device to be "online". I've added the device to the Nebula-cloud utility, but there it just says it's offline. Also connecting my computer straight to the device and trying to access it on gives no result, nothing there.
I am not really familiar with networking and all that, I just figured that i needed at least 24 ports of which all should support POE and was talked into buying this one as it was the cheapest and best solution.

So now, how do I manage / access it?

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    The XGS series is a business-class switch,
    so you might want to create future postings
    in the Zyxel business forums.

    Everything you should need can be found
    in the user guide, but I can give you the basics.

    1.)   Power down the switch.

    2.)   Disconnect any/all network cables from the switch.

    3.)   Power up the switch, and wait a few minutes for it to start.

    4.)   Take a paper-clip, and press (and hold) the RESTORE button
            (Yes, the RESTORE button) for about 10 seconds or so.

            You may see a reaction from the switch BEFORE the 10 seconds are up,
            but keep holding the RESTORE button until at least 10 seconds have passed,
            just to be safe.

    5.)    Release the restore button, and wait a few minutes for the switch to restart. 

    6.)   Manually set a laptop or PC to a static IP address, such as -

    7.)   Plug a cable from that PC directly into port 1 or 2 of the switch.

    8.)   Open a browser and navigate to

    Since you stated that you purchased this switch 2 years ago,
    and haven't used it since then, I recommend downloading
    the latest firmware from the Zyxel website, and updating it
    before you start configuring it for your home network.

  • Yotumn
    Dear TiggerLAS

    Thank you for your help, althought I followed your instructions step by step very carefully and certainly correct. No results come up when browsing to
    The switch "restore" cycle was succesfully completed as I could clearly hear the fans dropping at least 90% in volume, before firing back up like a jet-engine.. lol.
    But nevertheless nothing has changed, I am still unable to access the switch in any way.

    I will repost this thread on the business forum then.

    Thank you
    Kind regards
  • TiggerLAS
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    I forgot to mention -

    Make sure you try each of the methods -

    - and -

    (I have two different Zyxel switches at home, and, by default,
    one responds only via http:, and the other responds only via https:)

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