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I have a static IPv6 range and I want to configure my XMG3927 to use it... but, I've no idea how to do that... my problem is, that while I can set a static IP on my VDSL/PPPoE interface, I cannot set it on the LAN interface and... I cannot ping my modem via IPv6 from my LAN... so... to me it seems, that the configuration is different from how you do it for a static IPv4 range... can someone explain me the steps?

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    Chapter 8 Home Networking and check IPv6 related settings.

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    sorry... no, I didn't answer it
    I fully understand how IPv6 and its configuration works... but what I don't understand is, when and how and what the modem does... so, e.g. which packages are sent to the VDSL line? ... RA? PD? if yes, what does it contain? whitch ranges, IPs and options? ... it would be so much easier, if I had this raw information about the packages. But those descriptions aren't telling anything, sorry...

    E.g. IPv6 configuration... "delegate prefix from wan"... what can I expect to see, if I activate this? ... PD? and... then? what's the IP of the modem? is it then auto configured? or do I have to set it to a fixed IP inside this range? what's next then? does the modem itself do PD? what's it going to distribute? ... see? I've a lot of questions and no answers
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    hmm... you know what? ... I ordered another router from cisco now... and will use the Zyxel thing as a bridge only... maybe that's stupid, but I hope I can configure it on the other device... I'm too old for those stupid kindergarden menus

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