Constant 5Ghz Dropping

Joe West Hull
Joe West Hull Posts: 2  Freshman Member
I have a XMG3927-B50A Router and 5Ghz drops constantly. On all devices it still shows as connected but nothing loads, not even the router page. It does come back eventually without having to disconnect. This happens frequently, every few minutes or so. 

I have tried changing 5Ghz channel to a fixed one (tried numerous), also tried using 20/40 instead of 20/40/80. Nothing helps. 

I have seen other comments about this issue, usually fixed with a firmware update. However I do not have the firmware update option in my router settings.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hummel
    Hummel Posts: 212  Master Member
    Does the "5GHz drops" mean that all wireless devices show as connected but they can't reach the router like ping to XMG3927-B50A? Or does it mean all wireless clients are disconnected from 5GHz?
  • Joe West Hull
    Joe West Hull Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    The clients remain connected. I've also had this happen on 2.4ghz but less frequent. 
  • Hummel
    Hummel Posts: 212  Master Member
    So it sounds like when the problem happens, your wireless client still connects to the WiFi but it can't access to the Internet, right?
    Have you checked the GUI via a PC/Laptop when the issue happens?
    You can check if the WAN is alive or not from GUI.
    You can also use the Diagnostic page to check the Internet Connection status.