ZyXEL C2100Z modem

I live in a provincial zone where supplier decisions are thin. We have CenturyLink DSL and get about 9Mbps down.  I explicitly bought the ZyXEL C2100Z on the grounds that it was on CenturyLink's rundown of "affirmed" equipment. It additionally had a bigger number of capacities than the model sent by CenturyLink themselves. Anyway, we endure gigantic bufferbloat (around 400-700 ping at whatever point somebody streams Netflix, Hulu, and so forth) and I am attempting to check whether OpenWRT will run on my modem/switch combo. I'm totally new to this, and saw other Zyxel machines upheld on the OpenWRT site. Simply inquisitive what my following stage should be. The site obviously says to not endeavor blazing on equipment underneath specific specs, yet I've been not able to decide the specs for the ZyXEL C2100Z. I found an equipment sheet, yet no notice of memory.


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