Zyxel Armor G5

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For the hardware specs on this device, it pales in configuration options.  It would be nice to have more flexibility/ configuration options as in prior devices such as Armor Z2.

I would suggest the following:
1. Multiple SSID's with more configuration options, in main network and guest network.
2. Guest network availability in bridge mode.
3. An option for expert mode on login as in prior products.


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    Dear Sir,

    1.Multiple SSID's with more configuration options, in main network and guest network.
    We’d like to learn about what kind of options you suggest to put into the current configurations so that we can evaluate on it.
    The 2. 3 suggestions we need to further discuss/evaluate on it.

    Best regards,
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    Dear Zyxel_Jerry, thank you for your prompt response. Currently main network and guest network are fixed each with a single SSID. But the Pg 104 of manual says "Use Guest wifi to set up multiple wireless networks on your device", but there does not yet appear that you can have more than one guest SSID (network).

    Pls allow ability to create more guest SSIDs as guest wireless networks (WLAN's), suggest three or four.  Each independent from other WLAN's and NOT wireless clients of main network.  Or clarify if this option is already available.

    Also, option to allow or block intra-BSS traffic in wireless networks (main or guest networks).
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    May be that we must wait some time before to have this beast mature :)

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