problem with AP after 4.60 upgrade


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    I will get the list of the site where we have bricked AP and will give you remote access shortly.

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    We have issue on a USG40w after 4.60 patch1 upgrade. The AP are not connected anymore and we have an error when trying to manage them :
    error message : -87003
    WTP Log Query  : send capwap event fail

    Thanks for your help,

    IT Field
    I've had this problem on three sites so far, including one running V4.62(AALB.0). The fix (at least on 4.62) was to drop into the command line (I use SSH, presumably the web console would work fine, too) and use the following : 
    configure terminal
    no capwap activate
    (wait about 5 minutes)
    capwap activate
    Within 1 minute of the capwap activate command, the AP's became manageable again and I was able to query the log for the ap once again.
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    Hi @danyedinak
    Would you collect the diagnostic on both AP and the USG for us to check detail when the issue is occurring?

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