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Hi I have this message in my NSG100 admin panel "NCC will stop NSS-SP 2/4-year & NSS-IDP 1/2/4-Year license registration/activation since Feb, 1, 2021. Please kindly activate them as soon as you can."

Is this anything to worry about, can I ignore it, I don't have any apid subscriptions BTW.

Thank you.

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  • sorry I have seen like questions asked, just concerned my NSG will stop working? 
  • My licence expires in Oct 2021, does that mean I need to renew it then or will it continue to work, does it cost to renew? Thanks, see attachment
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    It will continue to work just fine but you will be limited to the Free functionality of the Nebula Platform. If you use any of the Professional features then reach out to a Zyxel reseller at the time and get pricing for the points you need.

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