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Hi, the download speed over AP is terribly low (same devices and same setup used to perform better). If I connect my laptop to the cable which is used for AP, I am getting 600 mbit download and 110 upload. even if I am placing my devices just next to the AP, the download speed is between 85 and 150 mbit, depending on the device. how can I improve? thanks!

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  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @veppstein ,
    Usually, the actual speed will be half of the link rate, so would you check the client connected link rate on AP client page and share to us?
    May I know what kind of tools you used to test the speed?
  • Hi @Freda,
    I am using or associated app for speed test.
    unfortunately I don't find the information for "client connected link rate on AP client page", could you advise how do I look it up?
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @veppstein,
    It can be checked in Access point> Monitor> Client, and please select the Tx rate and Rx rate to the display list. Then, you can see the link rate of the clients.

  • Hi @Freda,

    Doing following test: distance to the AP 2.5-3m sign is partially blocked with a wall, partially its opened door.
    (Internet by ISP supposed to be 600/100 all measurements done one after another), devices at same place  
    iMac Pro TX/RX 1170/780 - measured 432/112. (with ethernet cable 540/114)
    iPad Pro 2018 TX/RX 866/866 - measured 259/118)
    Iphone 12 pro TX/RX 866/780 - 240/105)

    second test: 1m direct sight, totally no obstacles
    iPad Pro 2018 TX/RX 866/866 - measured 254/120)
    Iphone 12 pro TX/RX 866/780 - 237/108)

    the values seems to be way lower than 50% of TX.

    thanks! maybe there are ways to tune the AP?
  • Zyxel_Freda
    Zyxel_Freda Posts: 397  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @veppstein,
    Would you provide the org/site name to us and enable the Zyxel support in HELP> support request? We'll check details in the site.
    When you are testing, was there any other user using the wireless at the same time?
    Please also provide the test time and test stations MAC to us to check details.
  • Hi @Freda,
    Org: GSC, Site: Ahrensburg. Admin support is on.
    There was no other user at the time of the testing. 
    iMac Pro 14:7D:DA:27:E7:5E
    Ipad 92:B3:6C:94:55:8E
    Iphone B6:79:F1:AB:D7:B8
    test was done Jan 31 at 9am

  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @veppstein,

    After checking the log and AP status, assume that you connected not only a client for testing the speed, when the other wireless client was using the wireless, the speed will be impacted. The channel width on 5GHz is 80MHz but two APs are the same band, so both APs were channel coverage will be 36/40/44/48.
    It's recommend to use a AP with the non-overlapping channel coverage and only one client to connect on it to avoid the interference or sharing the air time of wireless. Thanks.