GS1920-24HPv2 refuses IP address from DHCP server

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Hi all,
I don't know if this relates to the known bugs in firmware 4.70, but I have seen an issue with the GS1920-24v2 that I have not seen elsewhere. My setup is
ADSL modem >> Mikrotik RB3011 (DHCP server) >> GS1920-24HPv2 >> NWA110AX APs
The Mikrotik is the router / Firewall and hands out IPs to all devices fine, including the APs.
When it tries to hand an address to the switch, I see this error in the Mikrotik logs:
server-LAN offering lease for <<Switch MAC>> without success
A switch power cycle brings it online (on Nebula) for a minute or so, but not long enough to firmware update it remotely, so a truck roll looks inevitable.
I've not seen this problem with the GS1920-8HP with the same model firewall.
Wondering if anyone else has seen similar?

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  • Nebula_Jason
    Nebula_Jason Posts: 264  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @Dudley_Winchester ,

    Please follow the steps to see if the issue is resolved.
    1. On Nebula CC, disable LLDP feature on the uplink port of Switch.
    => Configuration status should be not up to date because the Switch is offline.
    2. Reboot the Switch locally to let it online again on Nebula CC.
    => The configuration change(Disable LLDP) should apply to the Switch when it gets online.
    3. When the Switch is stable online on Nebula CC, you may upgrade it on Nebula CC remotely.

    Hope it helps.
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