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I have a wifi network setup with a router and a 1st NAP102 access point connected to router via UTP cable.
Now I want to add a 2nd NAP102 access point also connected to router via UTP cable. As soon as I connect the 2nd AP I lose my internet connection. What do I do wrong or what settings do I need to change?

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  • Nebula_Freda
    Nebula_Freda Posts: 364  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @MH_68
    When you lost the Internet connection, was the station connected on the AP and got an IP address?  If yes, please share the org/site name to us and enable the Zyxel support in HELP> support request for us to check details. Or, if the station can only connect to the SSID, but failed to get an IP address, please check if there's any error message on the DHCP server. Thanks.
  • ivessm
    ivessm Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    What router are you using?
    Is the 1st NAP102 directly connected to the router?
    What port are you plugging in the 2nd NAP102 AP to?
    If your 2nd NAP102 is plugged directly into your router how is that port configured? Same LAN specs as 1st NAP102 or different.
    When you say you lose your Internet connection do you mean just on the laptop your wirelessly connected with or what?
    Many questions here. Hope to help you out here.
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