AP Zyxel NWA1123-ACv2 with Zyxel USG110 - Guest Network not work

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I have a primary SSID on VLAN 1 (default) and work correctly for internal network.
I tried to enable "guest network" on secondary SSID for guests, but it didn't work on internet
I also tried to disable "guest network" and setting a different VLAN ID (for example VLAN10)
on secondary SSID with the same settings of my FW Zyxel USG110 but it didn't work.
On secondary SSID I couldn't access on internet.

I need an help.

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    Hi @Nebula_BC

    According to the design of Guest network, it will enable L2 isolation and add the gateway MAC into whitelist automatically. If you have the DHCP server or DNS server in the same subnet, they also are needed to add into the L2 isolation whitelist.
    Access point > Configure > Authentication > Layer 2 isolation.

    If it still does not help, please provide your org/site name and enable Zyxel support for me(Help > support request).


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