nwa1123-acv2 disconnect from nebula and internet

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hi, i have a problem with 3 ap nwa1123-acv2, they keep losing registration on nebula and disconnect internet access, but remain connected to the lan.
The wlan clients remain connected to the wifi of the ap but not to the internet. I tested and changed lan and poe connection, configured both static ip and dhcp, I used alternative dns like that of goolge, updated firmware to the latest version
V6.10 (ABEL.8) but I always get the following message in the logs: netconf is unable to connect NCC. Relevant to DNS queries failed. Netconf connection is disconnected. All the devices connected to the LAN except the NWA1123 APs have no connection problems.
Why? I have many other NWA1123 apps installed on other users (more than 40) and I've never had any problems. Thanks for your help

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    Hi @Enricoco,
    According to the event logs shown, the AP is failed to do DNS queries, so the AP and NCC connection is disconnected. Please check the DNS server and make sure that the AP can reach the DNS server without problem. May I know that what's the DNS server you use? If it's an internal server, would you try to use the external DNS like for checking if there's any problem to connect with NCC?

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