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Hallo zusammen,

ab 29.03.2021 wird die Lizenzierung der Endgeräte geändert.
Hierzu hätte ich einige Fragen:

- Benötige ich zukünftig für einen AP zwei Lizenzen?
      - per-device based License und Management & Analytics?

. Wie unterscheiden sich die Management & Analytics License?
- Was passiert wenn die per-device based License ablaufen?

Besten Dank im Voraus.

Gruß Thorsten

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  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @Thorsten


    There are 3 license type of Nebula, MSP Pack is for Nebula Account management.

    PLUS-Pack and Pro-Pack is for unlock advanced features. PLUS-Pack and Pro-Pack features supported are in the attached file. Previously, the license points are bound on Org and all devices share the points. After changed, the license points are distributed and bound on devices. The duration of license won’t effect to the users.

    You don’t need two licenses for enable AP’s features. When license expired Nebula will have a grace period for users to have time to do upgrade. After grace period Nebula will change to base and the advanced features can’t be used.




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