How to find the source of electromagnetic noise disrupting powerline connection?

I have Zyxel Powerline network in my family house (PLA5456 AV2000). During daytime when various electric equipments are in use the connection between the adapters often break for a couple of seconds. During night (when most of the equipments are switched off) this does not happen. I tried to identify the noise generating equipment by switching on/off, but this did not help, I was not able to find the direct connection between the dropped connection and the use of a specific electric equipment. Is there a tool / method to filter the electric noise or clearly identify the soure?

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    Does the device make noise after first installation?
    Have you ever done the reset on the PLA5456, does the noise still exist?
    If the noise still exist, the noise should come from HW.
    If  the device still in warranty, I'll recommend you directly RMA to ask the support. 

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